Meet the Characters

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Mr. Pink

Mr.Pink is known for not being afraid of humans. He is the leader, and usually makes most of the decisions for the group. Charismatic and inspiring, he tries to keep The Urban Glasses together, motivating them with enthusiasm.


The Twin Brothers

The Twin Brothers are part of the family of The Urban Glasses. They are always there when they are needed. They help them to see things from another point of view.


Mr. Blue

Mr.Blue is easy to love but difficult to know. Fearful and elusive, trying to put a little sanity when The Urban Glasses decide to start a new and risky adventure.

Mr Blonde is the earnest, clever and hard-working of the urban glasses. Hard to fool, he will help solve problems with sarcasm and irony. 


Mr. Blonde

The Rats

They are the enemy of our beloved glasses. They always look for trouble and try to steal their burgers.


The Tall Guy

Quiet, serene and strong but not very intelligent. His imposing presence causes respect and admiration. It will help Urban Glasses to overcome obstacles.

The Burgers

The Urban Glasses go crazy to get this precious treasure. They will be the beginning of unforgettable adventures and the causes of great disputes.


Libertarian, pacifist and a lover of meditation. With great creative ability, it helps The Urban Glasses solve problems and achieve goals.

Mr. Red

Of great ideals, Mr. Red is the most aggressive of the Urban Glasses Solitary and brave, he does not understand why they hide from humans. He would face them. He does not give in to the leadership of Mr.Pink and he doesn´t  get on with Lenon, he does not share his way of seeing life



Always ready to explore and experience something new, his adventurous character is usually confused with lack of wisdom. Loses his mind in a spectacular way. Mr.Blue claims that his risks are irresponsible and reckless.



Eccentric and outgoing, Deejay will bring music and fun into the life of Urban Glasses. Break Dance, The Beates and Hip Hop Culture return to the streets

The Humans

The Urban Glasses hide in the city of these terrible beings. Given their ability to correct sight problems, they have to keep an eye on where they walk if they don´t  want to go to a worse life in the face of some human.


Mr. Orange

He is the most optimistic and joyful of the urban glasses. He despises confrontation and avoids fighting. He detracts from serious situations and prefers a more cheerful approach to solving problems.



Dad will try to explain to Son the meaning of life in the city.


The Beauty

Intelligent, feminine and vulnerable, she gives off glamor and studied seduction. Aware of her gifts he exerts a focus of attraction. She is really brilliant.


Mr. Black

Spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic. Life is never boring around Mr. Black. Lover of the night and celebrations, He can be found often in the streets with his great friend Deejay, trying to fill a large void inside.


The Monocles

Slaves to the system, consumerism and advertising. Sad and tired they have surrendered to the norms established in society. Could The Urban Glasses do anything for them?


Mr. White

In love and war, anything goes. Narcissistic and lacking empathy makes others distrust him. Be very careful with Mr.White.

The Urban Glasses ® is a brand that covers a multidisciplinary artistic project, aspiring to break down barriers between different fields of creation, such as urban art,  fashion,  comics, photography, video or sculpture.

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